Sunday, June 27, 2010

Meet Some of the French Chefs Who Will Be at the Festival

Along with the New Orleans chefs who were introduced in last week's blog posting, a number of chefs from the Burgundy region will participate at the 4-14 Festival this year. Daniel Ginsberg's experience as the director of Cuisine Centrale de Dijon, which prepares 7,000 meals a day for Dijon's fifty-four school canteens, will be much appreciated at the 4-14 Festival, as festival organizer Alex Miles plans to prepare an amazing 20,000 dishes this year!

St├ęphane Derbord, who operates the gastronomic Restaurant St├ęphane Derbord in Dijon, will participate.

David Zuddas, whose restaurant DZ'envies lies next door to the Halles where the festival takes place, will serve up innovate dishes that associate the flavors of Maghreb and Japan with French culinary techniques.

And highly acclaimed gourmet chef William Frachot of the Hostellerie du Chapeau Rouge will contribute his culinary talents to the event.

This is only a partial list of the chefs who will be participating this year. For a complete list, follow this link.

See you at the festival!

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