Sunday, July 4, 2010

Music at the 4-14 Festival

Music? Did someone say music?

Yes! There is a great line-up of American and French bands and singing groups for the 4-14 Festival. Let me mention first Big Sam's Funky Nation, an award-winning band from New Orleans. As well as receiving great reviews from the American press, this band has a lot of credits to its name. Sammie "Big Sam" Williams was awarded the Louisiana Division of the Arts Artist Fellowship for 2009-2010. And in 2009, the group won the Big Easy Music Award: Best Funk Band of 2008. Check out their Web site for more information about other awards and performances.

The French group Singall Gospel will be performing at the festival. First organized as an a capella group in 1995, the choir now comprises some two hundred choristers (including fifteen soloists) and a band including percussion and brass sections, piano, organ, and guitar.

On a different register, the group Asteria, consisting of Sylvia Rhyne (soprano) and Eric Redlinger (tenor and lute) will perform courtly songs of the Late Middle Ages.

And let's not forget Baroque music! Patrick Heilmann will perform compositions from this era on the harpsichord.

There are lots of additional groups on the program. Check it out!

See you at the festival!

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