Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gourmet Snacking!

There were a couple dozen French and American restaurants installed in booths around the central market. For a complete list of the restaurants, click here.

For 3€, one could purchase their specialty dishes. The following photographs illustrate the types of food that we sampled:

Huîtres en gelée
By Marc Meneau of L'Espérance
© Discover Paris!

Salade de crevettes barbecue de la Nouvelle Orléans
By Edgar "Dooky" Chase IV of Dooky Chase
© Discover Paris!

Croustillant de volaille à la panure Panjo
Mini-flan de carottes
Petite terrine de taboulé orientale
By Daniel Ginsberg of Nouvelle Cuisine de la Ville de Dijon
© Discover Paris!

Dickie Brennan's Mock Turtle Soup, PoBoy, and Lyonnaise Salad
© Discover Paris!

Quatre-quarts aux figues et au Parmesan
By Jennifer Hough-Loos of August
© Discover Paris!

And there was no lack of New Orleans decor!

Jeff Tunks' Table
© Discover Paris!

Galatoire's Table
Remoulade de Crevettes
© Discover Paris!

Southern Food and Beverage Museum Table
© Discover Paris!

New Orleans, Louisiana display
© Discover Paris!

But the Bourguignons were not to be outdone. They have their pride too!

Are you proud to be Burgundian?
© Discover Paris!

Long live Burgundy!
© Discover Paris!

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